Seaweed & Keratin



This formula with Dead Sea Salt Minerals, Shea Butter and Extracts plants, full Vitamin E, B5 and Saffron and Turmeric oil, promotes ultimate hydration for long-lasting results. The combination of these natural exfoliators with pure mineral waters creates divine body and facial treats. They remove tan and make your skin fairer. Soothing, they are known to calm inflamed and irritated skins, and promote the hydration of the skin and the proper functioning of its cells. SPICENSEA multi-mineral blend actively fights free radicals and leaves skin rejuvenated and youthful. Almost every skin condition or complaint is partly caused by a mineral or vitamin imbalance within the body.
By using SPIENCESEA products and having SPICENSEA treatments, the mineral levels within the body can once again begin to normalize and bring inner health back into balance.
You can find them in baths, scrubs and cleansers, soaps, shampoos and masks, so you can use easily and regularly during your home care.