Basil & Shea Butter

Basil was known since the times of Egyptians, who used it, together with other essences, during religious ceremonies. In the Middle Age, it was believed to have magic properties. The origins of Basil are from India and Indonesia, it is a sign of the culture and the religious beliefs of the family: ‘the smell is so excellent that it is fit for a king's house’. Ancient Romans considered it the symbol of lovers.

The butter of Shea butter products comes from Burkina-Faso. Accounts from as early as Cleopatra's Egypt speak of caravans bearing clay jars of valuable shea butter for cosmetic use. The history of Shea as a precious commodity can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where Shea butter was and continues to be used to protect the hair and skin in the fierce sun and the hot dry winds of African deserts and savannah.


The Benefits of Basil and Shea Butter

The most common use for basil in terms of skin care is as a cleanser, and this is due to the fact that this herb contains powerful antibacterial properties. It is this specific property that makes basic ideal for individuals suffering from acne breakouts, as it assists in killing bacteria on the skin that are responsible for causing pimples and blackheads. Basil also works well in skin care toners and splashes, as well as face masks.

Shea Butter protects the skin against the sun as well as the hot winds carrying dust and fine sand that dry the skin. Thanks to precious Shea Butter, the women protect, nourish and moisturize their skin.