Body Shower Basil & Shea Butter Oil

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Body Shower Basil & Shea Butter Oil


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About the product: Used for centuries in the ancient art of Ayurveda to wash away dirt, pollution and dead skin cells leaving fresh, deeply cleansed skin.  Enriched with a handcrafted infusion of antioxidant-rich basil and refreshing shea butter, and formulated with natural essential oils to moisturize as it leaving cleansed, hydrated skin, replenished with clear radiance

How to demonstrate: Pour a little gel into your hands and lather over all your body. Rinse well using a sponge or wet flannel.

Closing Statement: With this shower gel based on Basil and Shea Butter, experience the benefits of the finest spa ingredients that leave skin cleansed, soft and refreshed.

Recommended Usage: Intended for daily use during the shower time, morning and evening. To be followed with the Lotion Potion or the Superpower butter. Also works perfectly for shaving.

400 ml/ 13.5 fl o.z


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