Facial Series

The Optimal Solution

Story of Face Superfood – saffron & Turmeric 

"Superfood" represent a category of food possessing exceptional properties on the health and the body. Their growing reputation is bound at first at the same time to the globalization which allowed to make known about the whole world of food to there underestimated enough but also in a search for the good to be bigger and bigger, in particular in West Countries. Turmeric is one of the best Superfood thanks to its antioxidant properties.

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Story of 24 Karat Gold


Have you heard that the most precious metals such as the ''Gold'' appear among the best anti-wrinkle assets in the cosmetic? Since millenniums, the Gold enters the composition of numerous care of treatment anti effective wrinkles. Cleopatra used herself Gold leaves as mask for the face to protect her beauty and the youth of the skin for her qualities anti oxidizing, regenerating, illuminatrices, exfoliating and emollient. Gold helps to stimulate cells and have a healthy skin.Therefore, You will find a high percentage of pure Gold benefits in the cosmetic care of 24K Youth Elixir.

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How to use?

Apply everyday all over the body during shower time, the scrub can be used once a week in the shower and don’t forget to put the body butter and you will get instantly soft skin and hydrated skin!