Nourishing hair mask

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Nourishing hair mask


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For dry & damage hair

About the product: Enhanced with essential oils and unsaturated fatty acids, Spicensea Nourishing Mask works to intensely hydrate and restore the hair while locking in essential moisture to deliver a naturally radiant luster. This formula is a perfect blend of keratin, shea butter and seaweed to repair damaged, dull and dry hair by reducing the appearance of split ends, promoting a healthier look with glowing shine.

How to demonstrate: Apply generously to wet hair, focusing on the mid lengths to ends. Gently massage the mask through the hair to ensure it’s evenly covered and leave in for up to five minutes before rinsing.

Recommand usage:Use this luxuriously rich mask once a week (or more often, depending on your hair’s condition) to perfectly nourish deeply your hair.

500 ml/16.9 fl o.z


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