Foot Buttery Scrub Turmeric & Argan Oil

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Foot Buttery Scrub Turmeric & Argan Oil


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About the product: Created to remove dead cells and other impurities that dull the natural glow of your skin, it effectively helps to seal in moisture, leaving your skin silky smooth. The perfectly balanced formula includes exfoliating skin-softening seaweed, turmeric extract and nourishing argan oil.

How to demonstrate: Over a basin or in a tub, apply foot scrub to your heal and rub to gently scrub away dry skin. This scrub is also good for scrubbing around your toes and all over your foot for extra cleaning and moisturizing. Rinse well.  Use caution to clean the tub when you’re finished because the oil in this recipe is very slippery.

Recommended Usage: Using after Foot Butter. Can fit for daily use.

100 ml/ 5.3 fl o.z


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